First Impressions of a CruzBike Sofrider

As everyone knows, I love the toys that allow me to go on fabulous adventures!   I finally got around to selling two bikes this spring and am currently trying to sell a third, so I decided that it was time to rebuild my fleet with a little spice.  I’ve been curious about recumbent bikes … Continue reading

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Greening Up Curtis Pond

I wrote this several weeks ago, but forgot to post – better late than never! Since writing this post I’ve paddled my new kayak on Lake Champlain, Wrightesville Reservoir, Marshfield Reservoir, Curtis Pond, Greenwood Lake, Number 10 pond, and maybe a few other spots – often picking up the odd piece of trash, but not … Continue reading

100 Glowing Eyes

My new work schedule involves three consecutive 24 hour shifts living with and assisting a wonderful local couple, which is fun but I don’t get much exercise.  So when I get done on Tuesday I like to get out and hike a mountain or spend an afternoon riding my bike – anything to get my … Continue reading

The Call of the Mountains

Last week I had plans with a few friends to head to Mt Washington on Friday to ski Tuckermans’ Ravine, something I’ve never done but have always wanted to do.  As the date grew nearer my anticipation grew as did the frequency with which I was checking the avalanche warnings.  Everything was looking good until … Continue reading

Tiny DIY Clay Pot Heater

Well it’s been quite a winter and I’ve been mostly quiet on the blog front, so my apologies to anyone who noticed!  I’ve had a great winter with lots of wonderful skiing, mountain biking on the snow-machine trails, and butt sledding down large mountains.  I recently started a new home-care job for a local woman, … Continue reading