You Gonna Use That Shed?

When I started there was a drafty antique barn door on the shed and a home-made trap door to the loft – I put in a better door with a window and an upstairs window in the door opening.


Making a home is a big deal.  It needs to be cozy and warm, comfortable and practical, and it’s a space you spend a large amount of time in.  When I decided I wanted to build a tiny house, and I decided to start with this tool shed my step-father built 30 years earlier, I spent hours visualizing it.  I slept in the loft in a sleeping bag a few nights to see how cramped it felt, and I drew various floor plans out on the floor to see what I’d have for space to move around.    After much consideration and thought I decided this rustic little shed could be converted into not only a tiny house, but more importantly, a wonderful home.


An exterior shot of the shed before I started working on it.  Both these windows were replaced with second hand windows from The Re-Store in Burlington.  The new windows are double paned glass that open and have screens.

the loft

amid the construction chaos – it was a daunting start but came along quickly.  I spent many hours sitting in the middle of the shed on a 5 gallon bucket picturing the layout.  Because I had to wire it before I did anything else, I really had to decide where the kitchen was and what furniture would be where to determine where I wanted lights and outlets.  If I had a do-over I may  have changed a few small things, but overall am very happy with how it came together.

Interior walls, wired but not yet insulated.  I foamed all the cracks so the blown in cellulose wouldn’t just spill out through the exterior walls.


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