How Many Laptops Does it Take?

When I officially moved into the tiny house, Jamie and I had to do some quick thinking to make a plan for our laptop situation. Jamie had a sporadically useful laptop and a netbook, and when the opportunity arose, she bought a new (used) laptop to replace the cranky one. I moved in with one laptop and a netbook. This September, I started a new job and now have a work laptop to add to the mix.

Yes, you read that correctly – two girls, six computers.

To add to the tech-wackiness,until mid-September the Tiny House didn’t have internet access so we had six computers and no internet. Some of my friends find it infinitely bizarre that I live in a home with a composting toilet and redneck water system (i.e. no indoor plumbing) but we’re completely tech capable with wifi and a mini cell tower. We know where our priorities lie 🙂

Jamie gave away her old laptop and I only bring my work laptop home some of the time, but it’s still a mind-boggling number of computers for 120 square feet.  I asked Jamie to build two cubbies on one end of our highest book shelf thinking it would be a good out of the way place to store the laptops when they’re not in use. She measured the computers and gave herself a couple of extra inches, adding a vertical board and a horizontal board to halve the space and allow us each our own computer cubby.

you can see the computer shelves tucked into the corner (don’t mind the mess)

a closer shot of the computer shelves



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