Achievement Unlocked: Business Meeting at Home

This morning around 8am, I tossed on some sweatpants and climbed downstairs. The laundry hanging over the heater was dry so I took it all down and stacked it on the ladder to go upstairs. A quick look around the house, it seemed clean enough and I waited for a little “tap tap” on my front door.

My friend Betsy had never seen the Tiny House. Since she was staying in the next town over and we both had to be on the same conference call this morning, we decided to have our call and meeting at my place. She stopped by the local store to pick up breakfast (Jamie was working there this morning) and drove up to meet me at the house.


the adorable miss Betsy

Her reaction was a bit magical. She paused a moment at the front door before stepping inside to take it all in. She oohed and ahhed as she looked around, poking her head up to see the sleeping loft and Princess Georgia’s bed. Stepping back downstairs, she gave me a huge smile and gushed, “I don’t know how you ever leave!”

Our conference call was great, then we debriefed over coffee and prepped for future meetings. She was reluctant to leave (which, of course, I understand) and we made plans for future visits / meetings. All in all, I’d say we have a new lover of the Tiny House lifestyle!


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