The House is NOT a Tree

This morning as I puttered around the house getting ready for work, I heard a strange tappity tap coming from the back wall by the bathroom. Knowing from Jamie’s house building stories she previously dealt with a rodents-making-homes-in-the-walls-and-ceilings problem, I experienced a brief moment of panic that the $*@&$# mice were back. We do have lovely cellulose insulation and while I (naturally) understand the desire to nestle into our nice warm house, I’d much prefer the Tiny House to remain a mouse-free zone.

Upon further investigation, I decided the sound seemed a bit more tappy than skittery and questioned my first assumption of rodent visitors. A few minutes later, I heard the noise again, this time from the front wall near the door. I peeked out and caught sight of a woodpecker swooping quickly away when he saw the door open.

I know it’s very nice wood, Mr. Woodpecker, but you’re too late! This house is no longer in tree-form and is not available for your presumably excellent homemaking skills. We like it just the way it is, thank you very much. There are oodles of other trees just a wingspan away and you should try your beak at one of those, please.

Image courtesy of webhamster on Flickr Creative Commons

Now I’m off to see what brilliant ideas the internet can provide to aid in convincing the woodpecker to leave our house alone…


4 thoughts on “The House is NOT a Tree

  1. Near where I live is a very rare protected woodpecker that causes all kinds of problems in the city of Boulder to the nice houses. Apparently, you can hang strips of plastic (like trash bags) which move around enough to scare the little guys off. Or you can use long strings of can tops, etc. Anything that moves and is shiny.

    Just a thought…

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