Stop – Laundry Time

Q: If you don’t have running water, how do you crazy kids do your laundry?

A: You’re never too old to mooch off your parents.

Jamie built her Tiny House on a teensy part of her parents’ 35 acres, about 300 feet away from their home. One of the genius parts of this plan is she was able to create the Tiny House without running water and still have the benefit of a shower and access to a washer.

Jamie’s parents’ house as viewed from our front steps

Let me back up a sec and give you the scoop on our laundry from start to finish.

There is a nifty little nook tucked behind the top step on the ladder which is exactly the right size to hold a flexible basket where we toss dirty clothes. We started with a plastic laundry basket tucked under one of the kitchen shelves, but I really hated it a) because it felt really weird to have dirty socks in the kitchen and b) we had other plans for that space (remind me to tell you about the mason jar storage center). Discovering the spot tucked behind the ladder took care of the laundry basket issue and kept the laundry out of sight at the same time.

the clothesline with tool shed in the background

When the laundry basket is full enough that dirty clothes start creeping down the ladder, we grab our laundry, tuck it into a large canvas bag and traipse down the driveway to b0rr0w their washer. After the clothes are washed, I take them to the triangle clothes line Jamie rigged behind the tool shed. This is one of my favorite features on the outside of the house. There’s a cement block in the center and I put the laundry bag or basket on the block, then hang the clothes on the line all around me. There’s also an extended line leading off one side that is best for towels and sheets. When we have a rainy stretch or things are not drying quickly, I pull them inside 12ish articles at a time and hang them on the indoor lines over our heater. My friend Claire is particularly horrified by the indoor drying lines, but if nothing else we’re all about efficiency here in the Tiny House!


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