We’ll Take a Quarter Cow

One thing I love about my life is knowing where almost all the food in my fridge comes from. We purchase raw milk from a local farm, we eat veggies grown here on the property or purchase from local sources wherever possible, and we buy meat from local farms. While my childhood in rural New Hampshire also embraced healthy foods, these foods typically came from a grocery store and we paid scant attention to how far that food traveled before reaching our plate.

As an adult, I’m used to selecting meat in a local grocery store, wrapped neatly in styrofoam and plastic packaging. I choose “grass fed” wherever possible, but aside from that I know almost nothing about where my meat comes from (or how many antibiotics the cows were fed during the growing process). That’s just not how they do things here. Jamie’s Aunt raises dairy cattle and periodically slaughters one or more cows and ta da! Meat to fill our freezer. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, anything that falls in the “gross” category is in Jamie’s wheelhouse, and dealing with separating out the butchered meat is certainly her department. In this case, the meat was already processed and separated into ziplock baggies ready for the freezer, but I was still happily waiting in the tiny house while the sorting process was underway.

There’s really only so much I want to know about where my meat comes from…

Meat Delivery!

Meat Delivery!


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