Dolphin for the Win

I never drink enough water. Even if I carefully fill water bottles and keep them with me, it’s difficult for me to drink enough during the day. I’m also a bit of a water snob (I blame it on the city water in and around Boston) so I’m happier if I drink Poland Spring water. That said, I hate HATE the waste of buying plastic bottles – even the larger 3 gallon jugs – so I tend not to keep enough water around the house, leading to less water ingested by yours truly.

Enter the dolphin water pump.

Jamie and I, on a recent trip to Price Chopper, saw the large 5 gallon Poland Springs bottles available for sale individually. No delivery fees, no fancy machine (like we have space for that!), just individual jugs of water we could purchase then return the bottles for cleaning and reuse. We purchased the first one and at home that night Jamie hopped online to purchase the Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump from Amazon.

We cleared a space under the sink (by moving the recycle bin into the bathroom) and tucked the 5 gallon jug in to await the pump. Upon arrival, we were amused to find the pump itself is pretty large – you can just barely tuck your hand in between the top of the pump and the underside of the sink – but it works flawlessly. I’ll probably post about it again when we’ve had a chance to use it for a while, but for now it seems to be a winner!

brandy new water jug under the sink

brandy new water jug under the sink

One thought on “Dolphin for the Win

  1. How cool is that!? I want one. I’ve been trying to drink more water. I got the TimeLeft program and set a reminder to go off every hour reminding me to drink water. was supposed to start today and forgot to turn it on. I just don’t get thirsty. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I eat so much fresh fruit. It has a lot of water in it.

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