Guns R Us

I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up with guns. Yes, my father has several (locked in his gun safe) but no, he never taught  me how to shoot any of them. Before I moved to Vermont, I never thought much about the usefulness of hunting rifles at all.

Then I moved into the tiny house.

Jamie has a rifle from when she was young that has lived for the past year tucked on top of one of the interior walls, but she recently was given a new rifle by her father and decided she needed something a little sturdier with more available space to store her guns.

Analyzing the space available, Jamie decided the 6 inch space between the wall and one of the ceiling beams and above the microwave was (obviously) the best place to store them. Taking down the microwave – and giving it a deep clean for good measure – she anchored two, 1×6 pine boards to the underside of a ceiling beam and the side of our front wall making a space about 18 inches wide to store her two hunting rifles.

While I don’t have any “real” guns myself, Jamie recently gave me a pink BB gun. Maybe I’m becoming a real Vermonter because I’m pretty excited to try it out…


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