Big Bike Adventures

Part of the reason Becky and I have chosen to live in a tiny house is so we can have low expenses thus working less hours at jobs we love even though they don’t pay great. This combination gives us the chance to go on epic adventures! I’ve spent my whole life living with this general philosophy and it’s worked very well. I’ve traveled the world and had a wide array of amazing experiences. It’s my view that if you have an open mind, you can do anything.

So it’s with this mindset that I am embarking on my next grand adventure. I’m going to ride a mountain bike on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR). My initial plan is to ride just the northern 2,000 miles of the 2,800 mile dirt mountain bike trail, however the more I plan the more I’m leaning towards riding the whole thing! I’ll be riding for somewhere between six and nine weeks. The GDMBR is the longest dirt mountain bike route in the world, winding back and forth across the Rockie’s from Bamff Alberta all the way to the Mexican border. This trail has been on my bucket list for some time and I’m ecstatic to finally be making it a reality.


This post is both an excited announcement of my trip and a test to see how posting from my phone works. If successful and fairly easy, I’ll use this blog to share updates, pictures, and stories from along the route. Shortly, I’ll post a few static pages on this blog with some tips from my many hours spent choosing and packing my gear. It’s a tough balance of being comfortable, and staying light weight.

While Becky is fairly new to biking and won’t be joining my on this adventure, she’ll be having adventures of her own throughout the summer, and may even take a road trip to Antelope Wells New Mexico to pick me up at the Mexican Border!

Here’s to grand adventures and free lifestyles! I’ll post updates periodically as I gather my gear and begin my journey.



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