T.G.F. Housesitting

Thank Goodness For Housesitting!

After a typical Vermont winter in our teensy tiny home, Jamie and I have been feeling a little claustrophobic. I think it’s inevitable when two adults share such a tiny space that feelings of spring fever ensue toward the end of a very long winter.

We spent about a month from early March to early April housesitting for three different neighbors while they were away, and Jamie has two concurrent housesits happening right now. Duties range from pet care and puppy walks to keeping an eye on generators and charging solar panels. The best part is an opportunity to spend some quality time in expansively large homes (read: more than 500 square feet), and a chance for Jamie and I to do our own thing.

One tricky part of living in our tiny home is personal space. When our friends start to feel some spring fever, they typically have a larger home and can meander to different activities in different parts of the house. In our tiny house, we’re practically on top of each other 24/7. Well, we both work obscene hours so it’s more like 10/7 but it still means neither of us have much alone time. The housesitting provides a much needed change of pace, and provides us with solo down time – a must for any healthy relationship, IMHO.

This one's from a mid-winter housesit with our friend Sal

This one’s from a mid-winter housesit with our friend Sal


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