New Beginnings

As we step from spring to summer, Jamie and I are also stepping toward new beginnings. We made it through one year living together in the Tiny House, complete with adventures and shenanigans galore. We toyed with the idea of building a yurt, doubling the size of the house or starting a new, larger building but each of these things requires a missing piece – money. This spring we realized we need more space and we can’t wait until we can afford to build something bigger. I need the ability to work and write from home, Jamie needs more time by herself and neither of things things are possible in our current living situation.

It’s time for a new plan!

Becket's New Space!

Becket’s New Space!

This weekend I’ll be moving into a house share in another part of central Vermont. It’s affordable, allows me ample space to work and write, and enables Jamie and I to have time both together and apart. One amazing advantage of tiny house living is planning for the now and immediate future, not the far distant future. We’re daydreaming about possibilities – maybe we’ll build something larger on her parents land, maybe I’ll buy a little cottage on the pond and we’ll keep separate spaces – the future is full of opportunities, but there’s no need for concrete plans.

Change is tough and I’ll admit I’m nervous, but I’m also excited to see what this next chapter brings!

(don’t worry – we’ll still keep blogging about our wacky adventures)


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